Drapery and cellular shades window treatment combo in a living room.

MorView Shutters


With MorView shutters we have reinvented interior shutters. Designed in California, our interior shutters offer the never-before-seen feature of a hidden tilt rod, to provide an unobstructed view.  Customize to your liking by choosing an opening type, louver size, frame type and cross bar. Made-to-measure locally at our manufacturing plants in the USA and Canada, our shutters have the fastest turn-around time in the industry and a lifetime warranty.

MorView Shutters


MorView Shutters offer the never-before-seen feature of a hidden tilt rod, providing an unobstructed view.  Customize with multiple opening type, louver size, frame type and cross bar options.  Made-to-measure in the USA and Canada, Morview Shutters offer  the fastest turn-around time in the industry and a lifetime warranty.

Advantages of Shutters

White indoor shutters open into a small, bright dining room


Interior shutters add an architectural interest to your room and have great curb appeal without sacrificing functionality.  Our beautiful shutters add an elegance that will increase the value of your home. Enjoy a home improvement now and reap the rewards later, should you sell the home. 


White indoor shutters in a large contemporary kitchen


MorView shutters are durable, easy to clean and built to last a lifetime.  Constructed of high-quality wood composite, which is less rigid than natural wood, MorView Shutters stand up better to UV rays without warping.  Unlike traditional shutters, the louvers on our shutters can be easily removed and replaced which makes them very easy to maintain. 

White indoor shutters in a cozy dining room

Energy Efficient

MorView interior shutters help keep rooms warm in the winter and cool in the summer, reducing energy bills.  Shutters also provide excellent insulation by reducing draft since they are installed flush against the window frame.

MorView Shutter Features

Replaceable Louvers

MorView shutters have louvers that are removable, unlike those of traditional shutters, making them easy to clean and maintain.

Choice of louver size

Choose between 3½” or 2½” louver size depending on your window size, privacy, light control and ventilation preferences.

Unobstructed views

A hidden tilt rod, for opening and closing the shutters, allows for a clearer view than traditional shutters.

Choice of frames

Our design consultants can help you choose between two frame types to give your home a traditional or a contemporary ambience.

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