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Cellular shades above a bath tub featuring the top down mechanism.

Patio Door Window Treatments

Factors to consider when choosing Patio Door window treatments

Ease of opening and closing
Light control
Easy maintenance due to high foot traffic
Provides privacy when needed
Styles that match the rest of the room

Best Choices for Patio Doors

Vertical Blinds, Vertical Sheers, Panel tracks, Plantation Shutters, Drapes

A glass patio can make your room look larger and more relaxing, but its openness can pour in harsh sun glare and invade privacy when you do not need it.  When choosing window treatments for your sliding door, it is important to consider a window treatment that does not hinder the functionality of your sliding door and secondly it is important to consider whether the blind is for privacy, light control or both.  

Vertical blinds are the most popular,  practical and durable option for high traffic areas such as patio doors. These affordable blinds are easy to operate since they open side to side and the same direction as the sliding door.  You can simply tilt the vanes open and close providing varying degrees of light control and privacy when completely closed. 

Sheer Verticals have the same functionality of classic vertical blinds along with the elegant soft look of sheer curtains.  Sheer verticals work well with dressy or contemporary décor and are a lightweight alternative to traditional blinds. Co-ordinate your patio door vertical sheers with luxurious sheer horizontal Serenity and Cascade shades to match other windows in the room.

Another stylish option for sliding doors is Drapery.  Drapery adds a refined touch to your room and coordinates well with other window treatments in the room. There are endless possibilities of drapery materials and hardware finishes to choose from to match your room’s personality. 

Durable, insulating, easy to clean and built to last a lifetime, Shutters seamlessly integrate with your windows and can enhance any room, whether casual or elegant.  Bi-fold shutters are stylish and versatile and fold up neatly to the side of the door offering a full view of the patio door since the panels fold up to the side.  

Panel track shades are an excellent contemporary choice for sliding glass doors since they have the ability to stack completely clear of the door when in open position. The fabrics and materials in this collection overlap with those of our Roller, Solar and Woven wood collections, making it easy to match your patio door with other window treatments in the room. 

Best Choices for Patio Doors vertical blinds

Vertical Blinds

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Panel Tracks

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woven wood shades

Melody Vertical Sheers

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Showcasing cellular shades with top down bottom up option and blackout material

Harmony Drapery Collection

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