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Cellular shades above a bath tub featuring the top down mechanism.

Living Room Window Treatments

Factors to consider when choosing Living Room window coverings

Style and decor
Create an inviting space
Light filtering and privacy
Block sun glare on the television
Protect furniture from direct UV rays

Best Choices for Living Room Windows

Roman shades, Drapery, Wood blinds, Faux Wood Blinds, Sheer Shades, Woven Wood shades, Cellular shades, Pleated shades and Shutters.

Living room plays hosts for many parties, family gatherings, and is the centerpiece of the home where we spend the majority of the time relaxing, watching TV or entertaining. When choosing blinds for a space as versatile as your living room, it is important to consider not just your personal style and aesthetic appeal but also the functionality.

Wood blinds and Shutters are an ideal solution for a living room. These blinds not only offer a cozy and relaxed aesthetic, they are also functional and sophisticated.  These window treatments are durable, provide privacy and have the ability to tilt for light control.  Our eco-friendly Woven Wood shades with a privacy liner are also another great option for privacy and light control while enjoying the casual beauty and warmth of natural materials. 

Cellular Shades and Roller Shades are great for blocking out unwanted direct glare on your TV and creating a comfortable environment in your living room.  These popular shades allow a soft diffused light through the material, blocking harmful UV rays that can damage furniture and artwork.  They work well with traditional or modern décor and can be customized with options such as cordless, motorization and blackout.

Roman Shades, Sheer Shades and Drapery are excellent choices to dress up your living room.  Serenity Sheer Shades and Cascade Sheer Shades can be adjusted to achieve the desired level of light and privacy.  Sheer shades are luxurious, elegant and are truly a show stopping window treatment for your living room. Roman Shades offer a modern elegance and create the perfect design touch whether contemporary or traditional.  These shades are available with blackout liners and different fold types depending on your décor type. 

Drapery is timeless and layers well with other window treatments for dressing up the living room. Whatever your particular need, there is an array of window treatment choices that are fashionable as well functional. 

Showcasing drapes

Harmony Drapery Collection

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Showcasing cellular shades with top down bottom up option and blackout material

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Showcasing cellular shades with top down bottom up option and blackout material

Roller Shades

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